All the "Other" Podcasts


I have been working on a post for my friend, Heather Brown (yes, we have the same name) at My Life Well Loved about podcasts for Christian mamas. It is a spectacular resource if I do say so myself. However, as I was writing that post, I kept wanting to throw in my other favorite shows that don't exactly fit into the Christian mom help category. 

So, that's what I'm doing here today. If you know me at all or are my friend on social media (if you aren't, let's please fix that!), you probably already know my love of podcasts. In a time when I felt uninspired and under-stimulated, I found podcasts to be just the enrichment I needed. They really make all the mundane tasks (like stuffing Easter eggs) more interesting! (In the post on MLWL, I explain when and how to listen to podcasts.)

So, if you are looking for a show, here are a few random ones for you to try out! 

Favorite Pop Culture Show- The Popcast

I am not a big pop culture buff. However, hosts Knox and Jamie keep me updated and help me feel in-the-loop enough to get by. They post weekly episodes and are committed to producing a consistent and high-quality show.

Favorite Enneagram Shows

Okay, so what had happened was, I became obsessed with learning about the Enneagram and found The Road Back to You which was a show by authors Suzanne Stabile and Ian Crohn who had written a book by the same name. Apparently (and I'm not trying to start any rumors), they decided to part ways because TRBTY ended and each of them now has their own show. So, Ian's show is Typology and Suzanne's is The Enneagram Journey. I will not lie, sometimes both of these people fall a little on the touchy-feely ooey-gooey emotional side for me but there is no denying they KNOW THEIR STUFF on the Enneagram. 

Now, because I know I am going to get questions- yes, I will do an Enneagram post soon to explain what in the world it is. 

Favorite New Show- The Bible Binge

This show is such a great idea! Hosts of the Popcast, Knox and Jamie, decided to produce another show where they discuss stories of the Bible in a conversational and informative way, like they do all kinds of other stories on the Popcast. This show is good for Christians but also for people who like good stories or who want to understand the perspective of the Bible in a non-pushy format. They get a little crazy with their talks but then they let an actual Bible scholar point out the errors at the end of the show so no one gets lost. 

Favorite Show About Nothing- The Big Boo Cast

This is the kind of show I have been dying to make but I can't seem to get anyone on board with doing a show about nothing. Seinfeld did it and was wildly successful but what do I know?! Anyway, this show is two southern authors and moms of teenagers who just like to chat about whatever and then let us listen to it. They are really into college football so I like that part in the fall and I like hearing about the new products they've been trying. Plus, they are just funny. I like hearing a show where the hosts are relaxed, don't have an agenda and are just enjoying a conversation with a friend. 

Favorite Cliche Show- This American Life

I know, I know. This post was meant to introduce you to different shows, but they really do have fascinating topics on TAL. I have never been a fan of the sound of NPR shows, necessarily, but I know that is a thing people tend to love or hate. Anyway, this is always the show I turn to when I just want to hear something different. 

Favorite Sermons

I am actually looking for new shows in this category so please let me know what you have! Stillwater Bible Church is my church so while I do love the verse-by-verse, literal, grammatical, and historical teaching, I already hear those sermons in person. (By the way, if you aren't in my local area, there are tons of resources on my church's website to help you learn more about the Bible.) I always love Francis Chan's messages but sometimes his delivery is not the best for my ears. I also have gotten a lot of value from Matt Chandler's sermons. It is important for me to say that I do not always agree with everything a different church or pastor teaches but that doesn't mean they aren't right about a lot of things. Same goes for my post of Christian mom podcasts. What's the saying? "In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; and in all else, charity." Or something like that. 

Moving On

Does anyone remember when I did a podcast? That only lasted about twelve weeks but I still believe my guests had a lot of wisdom to share!

I have gone through tons of podcasts that I no longer listen to as my interests have darted all over the place. A few that I liked about online business were Online Marketing Made Easy, Build Your Tribe and Social Media Examiner if you're into that kind of thing. 

Do you have a favorite show that I need to know about? Please share in the comments so we can check it out!

As always, I love you, my friends!

So, what had happened was...


My website disappeared. The whole thing. Years of documentation and reflection simply gone. But, but, but... No. GONE. 

The best I can tell is that there was some issue with my payment for my hosting service. I don't actually know what happened, precisely, but I imagine it was something like insufficient funds or an expired card or an outdated address. And somehow I missed the email. For 23 days. The grace period was 21 days. 21 days before they DELETE ALL YOUR FILES. Honestly, that seems a little unreasonable and perhaps even harsh if you ask me but they did not. 

You can tell by this point that I didn't have things backed up anywhere else. Not at all. 

That's okay because by some clicking miracle of the internet, I was able to access spam comments on my Wordpress Reader which linked to my words. So, I copied and pasted the very most important ones- the ones about my boys' births, my spiritual breakthroughs and other such momentous moments- and saved those. 

I plan to re-post them here, on the new site, little by little. I have this picture in my mind of my great-granddaughter one day wanting to know about her family history and so scrolling through the things we left online. Maybe that's not realistic but you know, just in case. 

So. Here we are, you and I, at the new site. I hope you like it and I hope that explains why my blog posts are apparently years apart. 

Have a happy day, friend.