Fancy seeing you here

Well, well, well. Look who’s breezing back into the blogiverse after a whole year! What can I say? I was uninspired about the internet. It’s possible I still am. But the time is coming when I will start getting emails about renewing my website and so I’m trying to decide. I mean, I technically don’t need a website for any particular reason at this point but I always think “what if I do someday?” The thing is, this one is already built so I don’t have to remember how to do that. And also, I have the 4th most common name in the United States and England and so should I give up a domain name that has my real name in it? I mean, I might never be able to get that again. (That thing about my name is not an actual statistic that I know to be a fact but it seems close.)

This family is about to cross a big bridge called “the kids are both in school now.” This is great in so many ways but also there is this little terrible butthead troll living in the back of my brain that keeps saying “it’s the end of an era!” And I don’t like when things end. But I do like when things start. So I’d say I’m about 50/50 on the excited/horrified ratio which also makes me 100% on the crazy scale.

I’ve been saying for this whole entire stay-at-home mom career of seven years that I’ll do this or that “when the kids are in school.” So now it kind of feels like all my procrastination chickens are coming home to roost and like, I really should try to do some stuff. But also, I have been working on the required classes to become a property appraiser! So, before we know it I will be a trainee and I have absolutely no clue what my schedule will be like for that. I should probably find out soon. So, I’m thinking maybe I will need this website for that purpose? Like I can have a page where people can contact me for appraisals? Or maybe I should just get into blogging, ya know, SINCE THE KIDS ARE IN SCHOOL AND ALL.

All your opinions and advice are welcome on this one. Weigh in. Oh, I just had a thought- maybe I will become so rich from appraising that I can just pay someone else to run a website for me? Probs not but I mean, who knows what could happen here, guys?!