Hi. I'm Heather. I chase around two kids, Jesus, and a few dreams now and then (okay, quite a lot because my attention span is pretty sho...). When I find something really good, whether it's a recipe, a joke, a product or a message from the LORD (nbd, right?) I must share it. It seems like it would be rude not to. I want to do all I can to empower and equip other mamas because it really is a jungle out there.

I think the internet is, like, totally super cool and I love making new friends so don't be shy, now, ya hear?

Are you nosy like I am and need to know more? Okay, fine. I'm an ESTJ and an Enneagram 7. If you know what that means, I feel sure you will remember me in your prayers. If not, congratulations on being too cool.